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Clothes that let you go out braless!

We love wearing fancy clothes and dressing up. We all also love doing that extra bit for the daily routine to stand out. However, the one that I can literally say on behalf of all the girls is “WE HATE WEARING BRAS“. If you are a girl, you already know it, if you are a guy, make sure you know it. The underwires, the pads, the straps, everything sucks. However, as much as we know this, we also know, it is almost a mandate. But, what if I say, it’s not? Yes, you read it right, my girl. You can walk out without wearing a bra and people would not even notice. And, I assure you, you would look as flawless as always with genuinely no extra efforts. All you have to do is pick the right material and cloth.

Note: This guide is only for occasions or for times when you actually want to let your breasts breath in. It shouldn’t be followed on a regular purpose. As much as it irritates you to wear a bra, it also shapes your breasts and has many other advantages.

If given a choice, I would genuinely never wear a bra, but if you are too uncomfortable to go bra-less while going out, you can definitely use nipple pads to be on the safer side. Nipple pads are basically small pads that cover your nipples and avoid the bulging and popping posture of your breasts when you layer them with your clothes.

Now, let’s move ahead to the clothes you have been wanting to wear since forever.

1. Velvet Tops:

Velvet dresses and tops are the best picks while you are irritated with bras. It doesn’t look like you are not wearing a bra. Also, if you have doubt that it looks weird or sagging, it doesn’t. Because of the thick material like velvet, it would not look like the top or dress is the only layer.

If you feel a little uncomfortable, just wear nipple pads for better assurance. So that, even when you know it’s too much of your skin showing, you have a surety that you are wearing something.

2. Graphic T-shirts:

Well, we all LOVE loose t-shirts. But what if I say, you don’t have to compulsorily wear a bra just because you are going to the grocery store nearby. If you are comfortable, just the way it is, GREAT. But for girls who are not, the hack is to wear graphic t-shirts which have texts or visuals on the top. This covers the nipples and doesn’t give the obvious shape.

3. Fit and flare dresses:

These dresses make the fit come a little above your underwire. This helps you have a proper shape. Wear it with a belt and you need not have to wear a bra. While you go crazy with these dresses, ensure that the material is not too thin. It would avoid the evident pop-ups and weird shaping. You can also wear a belt to give a proper shape to your body.

4. Wear bralettes:

OMG! Bralettes are one thing that everyone loves and is obsessed with. Why not? When you have that perfect bralette that gives you the liberty to say goodbye to annoying straps, then why not? Wear a sheer top, a backless top, or go with something as basic as a tee, it would all be very comfortable.

5. Loose fit clothes:

Before I forget to mention, they are a blessing. Here’s a cheer to stealing your boyfriends’ and brother’s tees cause they are comfy as fuck. Now the hack to go braless while taking loose clothes as the support you need would be to just wear material like cotton or silk.

Tip: While you are already dreaming of ways how you can set yourself free, you also need to be careful n the material. It’s just a tip or something that I take care of. However, the thing that matters the most is to be comfortable.

Happy freedom, babe! Also, comment down more ideas and fabrics that would help me betray the crowd and escape from weird looks and judgement. Love, love. 

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As a kid, I wrote letters to relatives but never got reverted. This blog is probably a revenge for the same!

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