My idea of Love! ❤️

While being at the age of twenty- two,I still kinda suck at the trick to woo!For many, it’s like a part of their routine,while for me, it’s only awkwardly amusing! Maybe, because of the standards that the web-series had set,maybe, because for me, it’s not just about wine and dates,maybe, because what you gotta doContinue reading “My idea of Love! ❤️”

What’s art? Darling, it’s you!

What’s art, they ask.What’s not, I wonder?The pretty eyes, the layered lies;The pristine aura of petrichor;Mumma’s happy face when she opens the door.What’s art, they ask.What’s not, I wonder?That sling, that pot;Those morning messages, sweet and short;Papa bringing you your favorite chaat.What’s art? They ask.It’s when you actually start.To believe, it’s in you and inContinue reading “What’s art? Darling, it’s you!”

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