Things to do when you are in Mumbai

Mumbai or how we like to say, “Bombay”, has never failed to surprise people all the time. Everyone coming or living here love to try food of almost varieties worldwide. And, party like craaaazzzzzzy!

Fun fact: Every year, this beautiful island city attracts almost 6 million tourists. So, apart from partying and going to Marine drive and Juhu which most of you all have already, what else could be one hell of an experience for you?

No. it’s not going for a Mumbai Darshan tour too.

This is your retro girl telling you “best things to do in Mumbai” that would help you just the right amount, so that your trip isn’t a cookie cutter copy of every other vacationer. This one is not only for the tourists, but also for Mumbaikars who are done hopping clubs and cafes and planning trips to Lonavala and Khandala.

Here we go, with the hidden gems.

Thank me later. 😛

While planning the trip, make sure you check the events that are going to happen during those dates in the city. Some things in the list might seem boring, but all of them can be enjoyed as much alone as with a group of friends or family.

Treasure Hunt in SoBo

A really fun game across Asiatic Library and around South Bombay is this Treasure Hunt. The event happens thrice a month and been tried it personally, I can assure you’ll have a say it’s a good adventure for families, friends and even for corporate team bonding events. It’s available for multiple time slots so you can choose the one that fit the bills perfectly. The event will literally take you all over ancient Mumbai and by the time you leave you would know good facts about the city to brag on. 😀

Cycling under the moon

Ever thought of experiencing the busy city in its calmest environment? Well, you need to experience this the next time you visit Mumbai. Starting the stress-bursting experience from Colaba, halting at Marine drive and going all the way cycling to Worli Sea Link, this experience will bring back all the memories you have made, while cycling under clean sky and in a less polluted world. Watching the stars and the dim moonlight on one sight, and the sunrise on the other will definitely make it worth all the efforts.
If you’re a little worried about would you be able to cycle the distance, trust me, you will. Just go with your bunch of friends and it will be double the fun.

Live Screening

Another great idea is to go for a Live-screening of your favorite ports’ match. There is no particular cafe for this one because a lot of cafes in Mumbai organize live screenings, but Socials is my personal favorite. Social is a cafe joint which is located in many places. Just check the nearest one to you and go for the fun and the “maahol” (vibe).

Stand-up Comedy or plays

One thing that 80% of the vacationers ignore is going to a good event like a stand-up comedy or a good play. Go to the links below for the same so that it’s more convenient for you all. These websites are my personal favorites and I check them every time I want to go for any of these events.



Street food tour

Whaat? If you love food, then mark my words. You will love it. And you should go for it. Street food is where Mumbai has its best. With a street food tour, you get the perk of tasting the best delicacies that are likely to get ignored in any your trip, otherwise. From everyone’s favorite Mumbai Vada Pav to all the food that’s just finger-licking good and authentically great. (It’s available on many websites, I went for the same through EventsHigh.)

This one is a small yet interesting list of all the things that you would do rather than doing the conventional things only for weekends. I would keep adding more, if I get to explore more things hat would be this post-worthy. But till then, have fun with these. 

Comment down if you have more options to spend weekends for. Would love to get exciting ideas!

Bye, until next time people.

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