Why do you write?

Why do you write, they’d ask,
I would say, because I like it.
And, I would wonder, still.
Do I?

I asked a painter, why do you paint?
Because colors give me an uncanny joy.
I asked a singer, why do you sing?
For her smile, oh! that smile.
I asked a dancer, why do you dance?
because the echo of ghungroos trigger the artist in me.
And I pondered, until I could,
In front of the waves, like a mountain I stood,
for I could discern how deep is the sea,
I could see how I could create these mountains within me.
Through my words, I try,
try harder,
to move mountains,
and yet, I couldn’t.

So, the next time someone asked me,
why do you write?
I said,
I write because I love to, want to,
and I would, until I could,
cause fire and rains in your heart,
move mountains, or make you fall in love with my world of art!

My idea of Love! ❤️

While being at the age of twenty- two,
I still kinda suck at the trick to woo!
For many, it’s like a part of their routine,
while for me, it’s only awkwardly amusing!

Maybe, because of the standards that the web-series had set,
maybe, because for me, it’s not just about wine and dates,
maybe, because what you gotta do for me, might get a little too much for you.
Maybe, because the version of love that I adore, is adored by very, very few.
Because yes, I don’t give a damn if you forget to surprise me on my birthday,
It’s fine if you don’t talk to me all night and day!
I would happily just hold your hand, ditching all the couple goals,
we would together, in love, ditch all those stereotypical gender roles.
Let’s rather cook, shop, wash, sing, work, and dance,
let’s not miss kissing each other for one single chance.
Let’s continue to flirt with each other all our lives,
and slip in pyjamas, ditching the long-ass drives.
And while we do this, I would remind you,
how I adore you a little more than the very few.
How, life feels like a cakewalk finally,
how I know I’m feeling all of it also because you didn’t wake me up early!

So, this Sunday, I would try making you your favourite caramel pudding,
Because what’s life anyway if not sharing desserts, sorrows and feelings?

Father’s Day Surprise ideas (Quarantine Edition)

Every dad has always been the most selfless one in the family because they never need gifts. They just say they have everything. But, I guess a good gift can make anyone’s heart cheer. And, it can also be a different approach to a Sunday in the boring routine of Quarantine that we are living in. So, I made a list of father’s day gift ideas during quarantine so that things get easier for y’all. No matter the occasion, I promise you will get the gift of my blog for these. 

Now, as they say in the YouTube videos, without further ado, let us get started!

Throw a Surprise Terrace/Backyard Party: During these days, most of us are missing going out and partying too. This can be one of the best father’s day gift ideas during quarantine and events to throw one for your dad. Cook your dad’s favorite meals, cocktails and include games. It can be a fun night to bond the whole family together. Also, good food and people have never harmed any soul in the world. Also, you can check out my previous blog on best house Party games for more reference and ideas. 

Watch some iconic Sports matches: Well, one thing that I can say from every dad’s side is that they love sports more than anything in this world. Watching an iconic sports match can not only make him cheer throughout but can also relax him. It’s like a leisure activity than a celebration. So, enjoy and make this Sunday one of the best days to remember. 

A DIY Gift: We all love DIYs but have stopped doing them because of different reasons. And now that it is both difficult and risky for a majority of us to buy a gift or order something online, let us get back to the basics and bests. DIY gifts. It will not only refresh your memories from the past but will also be extremely special and close to your father’s heart. But what in DIY, you ask? It can be anything. The internet is full of options here and there and I have my list of favourites! Just linking an idea and some links for reference.  

  • Frame: All you need is a wooden or cardboard frame. You can also make one by cutting cardboard in the shape of a frame with the help of a cutter. Now paste small stones or shells that you can arrange from the backyard. If that does not work, take the shell of pistachio and paste it on the frame. Add a photo and write a simple note on it to make it look more personalized. 
  • Card ideas: Collared Card for Dads
  • Fun DIYs if you are bored: CreationsToInspire

A Movie Date Night: We love going for movies otherwise, but considering the current situation, we are missing it a lot. So, one of the best Fathers day gift ideas in quarantine is to give him the best movie experience. Go for the classic ones but they love classic movies the most. Make a comfy space with blankets and just shine a projector across a blank wall. Snuggle up in the blanket with your comfy PJs and have the best movie night with your family. 

What’s exciting this Father’s Day is that most of us are more likely to be with our dads, unlike other years, when we are usually stuck in different cities due to assignments, meetings, attendance and other reasons. So, make this Father’s Day the one that he would remember for all the time. If you cannot do anything else just spent more time than usual with him because that might make him feel like the happiest. 

Also, it’s almost a mandate to share your feelings for your Dad/Papa/Abba with an extremely cute and sappy caption. I have an Instagram startup where I provide captions to all you wonderful people for free! Amazing right? So, check this out, show some love. Like and Comment. You know how it works! 🙂

Easy steps to use Instagram for your Small Business

Most of us today are guilty of using Instagram more than we are supposed to. Due to mass availability, we have made Instagram an integral part of our lives. More than 5o million users use Instagram regularly. Crazy, right? What’s crazier is that a huge proportion of these users shop, get influenced with and educate themselves about many things on Instagram. And that’s exactly why an active social media presence (precisely Instagram) is the need of the hour for your business ideas or online jobs. But the sad part is that many small businesses have very little or no presence on Instagram.

So, how do you go ahead with it?

First things first, create an account. Having an open account for your business is the most important thing as it help reach the right audience.

Once you are done setting up your profile, selecting the right tag, and a good bio, you are all set to validate your presence on Instagram. Let’s begin!

  1. Follow, interact with Potential Customers: If you already have a business, you would know the target audience with the basics of gender, age etc. Try to follow people who fall under the same umbrella, so that they know about your business ideas and model. It is very important to make people understand the motive of your business. Building your brand presence on Instagram helps in customer building.

2. The Hashtag Game: Hashtags play a very important role in the Instagram marketing business. But how to choose the right hashtags? Often, people mistake hashtags by using vague words like #love, #life which brings them the wrong audience. Rather, one should always use hashtags that are related to their niche. One can use 30 hashtags per post and using hashtags the right way can bring you a lot of engagement and sales.

3. The art of Post and Captions:  Instagram is 50% about posting the right things, in the right way, at the right time. Yes, all these things matter the most. It is very important to post images that are both interesting and interactive. Once you are done with creating the post, make sure you are expressing it the right way with a good caption. To make good posts, you can create or edit the already created templates on Canva. It’s extremely user friendly and easy to use. If you are not great at writing captions, you can take help from Instagram pages which provide free captions to everyone.

4. Promotions: Since you are just starting online, it is always good to expand your reach. Instagram has a promotion option for the same. The best part about this is that you can select the gender, location, age. This gives you a chance to set your target audience and match it with the kind of people who are engaging with your accounts the most. However, before you do so, it is advisable to ensure maintain an appealing feed in order to catch the attention of the viewer.

5. Offer Discounts: Instagram is not only a platform to get influenced and have fun with. Rather, a great place to kickstart your online presence in terms of sales too. ales and management here require half the efforts than most of your online jobs. By offering good discounts, you can ensure credibility and customer engagement in your business. It also helps spread the word about your business ideas and strengthens the goodwill.

6. Coordinate with the potential Customers:  Selling on digital portal might get a little tough in the beginning. It Is because the customers online do not bag it in a cart like they do on other shopping portals. Hence, it is always important to follow back, answer all their doubts in a pleasing way and remind them about the product. Keeping an updated social media handle also helps.

If you are planning to set up an Instagram account, or get active on the existing one, it is very important to ensure being regular, creative and patient. If you are looking for sales in just a week or two, Instagram might not be the place for you. It requires patience.

Instagram would definitely help you bring engagement, credibility as a brand and build your personal branding and that will follow the sales eventually. If you play the cards right, it is one of the best platforms to expand your business in the most contemporary way possible!

Also, Instagram is a wide place to be at and the knowledge required is vast. It cannot be summed in a blog itself. If you all wish for a Part 2 of the same, reach out to me, personally or publically. I’ll be more than glad to share my opinions and tips. Hope you all find it informational!

Birthday surprise ideas during Lockdown

Are you tired of the typical “Happy Birthday to you” messages from every single family member as a birthday gift? Do you too think it gets dull and boring at times? Are you also tired of looking for gifts for boyfriend or girlfriend online, especially during the lockdown? Do you wish to do something different for your friends, cousins, parents? If yes, then this piece is gonna be as good as a lip-smacking treat for you!

More than half of the world is fighting the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown is still very much in process with certain implementations since more than 2 months now. Yet, life is dancing in its rhythm every day. And, even though it felt rugged in the beginning, now it has almost become a part of the routine.

Note: Even though many states have liberalized restrictions on Lockdown rules, this blog will be equally relatable to everyone irrespective of the Lockdown rules in their area. This is also because my most us are yet terrified with the pandemic situation and not everyone is comfortable in ordering, receiving or exchanging gifts.

Let’s get started!

Here are some birthday surprise ideas that are honest, doable, budget-friendly and easy!

  • Virtual Comic Book: This is an interesting take on DIY birthday gifts and one that would make him/her go “Awww”. With cartoon sketch stories you can express your feeling in the most creative way possible. This is the best suited gift if you are looking for Birthday gifts for Husband, wife or your bestfriend. While making the comic book, use images of graphics, cartoons, include their favorite meals and cartoonize everything to make it look even better. Check out Surprise Sutra for more information on the same. You can order one from here too. They have some amazing options for other gift ideas too.
  • Throw them the best online Party: Did someone say partayyyy? Yes! Call all your mutual friends, fix a time and it’s gonna be the best birthday gift for your friend. Look online for some fun games like “Never have I ever” or “Go fetch”. Do not forget to sing the birthday song for them too. Party and participate as much as you would, otherwise. (Meeting apps: Zoom, Hike, Instagram)
  • Rap Video: Birthday message videos are extremely mainstream. It’s the most obvious thing I would expect on my birthday. So, rather take this to a different level. Make a personalized Rap Video (channel the inner Raftaar in yourself, lol) for your friend. One that includes personal habits, gestures and qualities. It might seem a little tough, but trust me, it is not! Check Youtube for some video reference online, note your favorite habits of them, and yes, you are all set! Record a video or an audio (whatever works for you). I am sure they will be surprised.
  • Personalized Crossword: This is the most interesting ideas out of all and definitely, a personal favorite! Create a crossword of your favorite moments, memes, movies or anything that makes you both bond so well. To add an extra surprise you can also design it in such a way that it forms “Happy Birthday” when it gets solved. So, get as creative as you can and design the bets crossword as a Birthday gift for him/her.
  • PassTheBrushChallenge Inspired Video : It is a trending challenge that started on Social Media Platforms through influencers. Though, what you can do is, team up with your gang of friends and then pass one thing in a way that the other person catches or receives it. This gets interesting and unexpected. Check Youtube for some similar references. Also, your friends deserve a little more effort than “Happy Birthday” stories and messages on their birthday.
  • Canopy: This idea is peculiar to only those who are spending the birthday with the birthday guy/girl in the same house. It can often get tough to plan for things, specially at times like this. A canopy is one of the best surprise ideas because it’s easy, cute and requires minimal things. All you need is a saree, and some rubber bands or safety pins. Watch some Youtube videos or read a blog on how you can make a canopy. Make some cocktails, popcorn and give them the blessing of their favorite pastime, Netflix and chill.

So here are some fun ideas on how can we celebrate birthdays and enjoy little things during these stressful times. Most of these worked for me and everyone loved it. If you have more such ideas, share in the comments section. I would love to chat with you beautiful people!

What’s art? Darling, it’s you!

What’s art, they ask.
What’s not, I wonder?
The pretty eyes, the layered lies;
The pristine aura of petrichor;
Mumma’s happy face when she opens the door.
What’s art, they ask.
What’s not, I wonder?
That sling, that pot;
Those morning messages, sweet and short;
Papa bringing you your favorite chaat.
What’s art? They ask.
It’s when you actually start.
To believe, it’s in you and in me;
It’s in things, feelings and in the morning tea.

Instagram pages you must follow:

Well, we all love Instagram and spend a good amount of our time in scrolling, shopping, and getting attracted to the cute and the fancy things that we see on a very regular basis. What’s the best part about Instagram is that it has changed our lives in terms of transparency. Things have become clearer than ever. While we use Instagram for a daily dose of entertainment, motivation, and knowledge, it also helps us get acquainted with various brands that aren’t too common but has amazing brands. Here are some small brands /pages that you need to follow for some quirky, out of the box and different stuff.

Note: This blog is just about brands and pages that I love and is a shout-out from my side. It’s an unbiased and unsponsored post.

1. ShoesYourDaddy: With trending and innovative designs, as innovative as its name, @ShoesYourDaddy is one homegrown brand for shoes, jackets and other cool stuff. What makes this brand different is the design. From feminism to superwoman, to starry nights, they have a shoe design for all of that you love. The best part is that they also offer customized products for people who like to keep their style game up, all the time. So, for this New years party, be the coolest guest in the party, cause, good shoes never fail to leave a statement look.

Pictures are taken from their Instagram page.

2.  MyloTheBagstore: We all love bags, and are looking for one or the other to set a statement for our looks. While what we all desire for is something different, mostly the “branded” bags often end up getting common in between friends groups and colleagues. What Mylo_thebagstore offers, are good quality bags with unique designs, and different prints. Their USP is the young contemporary designs that they have, which makes it very appealing to the eye.

Pictures are taken from their Instagram page.

3. CaptionBanana:  You are done shopping for yourself, you’re all set. You also want to flaunt your favourite looks, or maybe what you love, to the world. How would you do that? Of course, with the pictures. But this digital startup is for people who aren’t great at expressing what they feel through captions. CaptionBanana provides captions on your favorite pictures. The best part is that this isn’t one of those applications that you must have downloaded once to get good captions but this is a personalized way to show your love to people whom you love the most. From quirky to sappy to fun, they have a caption for all.

Pictures are taken from their Instagram page.

4. Nishhair: A brand by the actress Parul Gulati, Nish Hair is meant for people looking for new looks. From front bangs to side bangs, they have a  wig for all. It’s not only for people with hair issues but for all who love to experiment but safely. Check out their website, and know for yourself how these products would add the “extra” in your ordinary. Also, these wigs are made up of 100% human hair and can be washed and hence are easy to maintain and glam up your look.

Pictures are taken from their Instagram page.

5. Styleloft: This page is one of my absolute favourites. We all love celebrity fashion and always look for options to get something similar but in a BUDGET. So, I have you sorted on this one. From lehenga to saree to Indo-western outfits, StyleLoft have designs for everyone. Their designs are not only celebrity alike, but also come in a budget, and that’s the best part about it. The quality, the colour scheme and of course the whole look would make heads turn.

Pictures are taken from their Instagram page.

That’s all, guys. This is our list for some of the Instagram accounts that you must follow. We have tried to cover all the aspects. Including the wedding and festive season, the look, the clothes and of course, once you are done, the list will also help you better in your uploads. So, why not?

If you have more accounts that aren’t famous and we should follow, please comment down or DM us on Instagram.   

Things to do when you are in Mumbai

Mumbai or how we like to say, “Bombay”, has never failed to surprise people all the time. Everyone coming or living here love to try food of almost varieties worldwide. And, party like craaaazzzzzzy!

Fun fact: Every year, this beautiful island city attracts almost 6 million tourists. So, apart from partying and going to Marine drive and Juhu which most of you all have already, what else could be one hell of an experience for you?

No. it’s not going for a Mumbai Darshan tour too.

This is your retro girl telling you “best things to do in Mumbai” that would help you just the right amount, so that your trip isn’t a cookie cutter copy of every other vacationer. This one is not only for the tourists, but also for Mumbaikars who are done hopping clubs and cafes and planning trips to Lonavala and Khandala.

Here we go, with the hidden gems.

Thank me later. 😛

While planning the trip, make sure you check the events that are going to happen during those dates in the city. Some things in the list might seem boring, but all of them can be enjoyed as much alone as with a group of friends or family.

Treasure Hunt in SoBo

A really fun game across Asiatic Library and around South Bombay is this Treasure Hunt. The event happens thrice a month and been tried it personally, I can assure you’ll have a say it’s a good adventure for families, friends and even for corporate team bonding events. It’s available for multiple time slots so you can choose the one that fit the bills perfectly. The event will literally take you all over ancient Mumbai and by the time you leave you would know good facts about the city to brag on. 😀

Cycling under the moon

Ever thought of experiencing the busy city in its calmest environment? Well, you need to experience this the next time you visit Mumbai. Starting the stress-bursting experience from Colaba, halting at Marine drive and going all the way cycling to Worli Sea Link, this experience will bring back all the memories you have made, while cycling under clean sky and in a less polluted world. Watching the stars and the dim moonlight on one sight, and the sunrise on the other will definitely make it worth all the efforts.
If you’re a little worried about would you be able to cycle the distance, trust me, you will. Just go with your bunch of friends and it will be double the fun.

Live Screening

Another great idea is to go for a Live-screening of your favorite ports’ match. There is no particular cafe for this one because a lot of cafes in Mumbai organize live screenings, but Socials is my personal favorite. Social is a cafe joint which is located in many places. Just check the nearest one to you and go for the fun and the “maahol” (vibe).

Stand-up Comedy or plays

One thing that 80% of the vacationers ignore is going to a good event like a stand-up comedy or a good play. Go to the links below for the same so that it’s more convenient for you all. These websites are my personal favorites and I check them every time I want to go for any of these events.



Street food tour

Whaat? If you love food, then mark my words. You will love it. And you should go for it. Street food is where Mumbai has its best. With a street food tour, you get the perk of tasting the best delicacies that are likely to get ignored in any your trip, otherwise. From everyone’s favorite Mumbai Vada Pav to all the food that’s just finger-licking good and authentically great. (It’s available on many websites, I went for the same through EventsHigh.)

This one is a small yet interesting list of all the things that you would do rather than doing the conventional things only for weekends. I would keep adding more, if I get to explore more things hat would be this post-worthy. But till then, have fun with these. 

Comment down if you have more options to spend weekends for. Would love to get exciting ideas!

Bye, until next time people.

Clothes that let you go out braless!

We love wearing fancy clothes and dressing up. We all also love doing that extra bit for the daily routine to stand out. However, the one that I can literally say on behalf of all the girls is “WE HATE WEARING BRAS“. If you are a girl, you already know it, if you are a guy, make sure you know it. The underwires, the pads, the straps, everything sucks. However, as much as we know this, we also know, it is almost a mandate. But, what if I say, it’s not? Yes, you read it right, my girl. You can walk out without wearing a bra and people would not even notice. And, I assure you, you would look as flawless as always with genuinely no extra efforts. All you have to do is pick the right material and cloth.

Note: This guide is only for occasions or for times when you actually want to let your breasts breath in. It shouldn’t be followed on a regular purpose. As much as it irritates you to wear a bra, it also shapes your breasts and has many other advantages.

If given a choice, I would genuinely never wear a bra, but if you are too uncomfortable to go bra-less while going out, you can definitely use nipple pads to be on the safer side. Nipple pads are basically small pads that cover your nipples and avoid the bulging and popping posture of your breasts when you layer them with your clothes.

Now, let’s move ahead to the clothes you have been wanting to wear since forever.

1. Velvet Tops:

Velvet dresses and tops are the best picks while you are irritated with bras. It doesn’t look like you are not wearing a bra. Also, if you have doubt that it looks weird or sagging, it doesn’t. Because of the thick material like velvet, it would not look like the top or dress is the only layer.

If you feel a little uncomfortable, just wear nipple pads for better assurance. So that, even when you know it’s too much of your skin showing, you have a surety that you are wearing something.

2. Graphic T-shirts:

Well, we all LOVE loose t-shirts. But what if I say, you don’t have to compulsorily wear a bra just because you are going to the grocery store nearby. If you are comfortable, just the way it is, GREAT. But for girls who are not, the hack is to wear graphic t-shirts which have texts or visuals on the top. This covers the nipples and doesn’t give the obvious shape.

3. Fit and flare dresses:

These dresses make the fit come a little above your underwire. This helps you have a proper shape. Wear it with a belt and you need not have to wear a bra. While you go crazy with these dresses, ensure that the material is not too thin. It would avoid the evident pop-ups and weird shaping. You can also wear a belt to give a proper shape to your body.

4. Wear bralettes:

OMG! Bralettes are one thing that everyone loves and is obsessed with. Why not? When you have that perfect bralette that gives you the liberty to say goodbye to annoying straps, then why not? Wear a sheer top, a backless top, or go with something as basic as a tee, it would all be very comfortable.

5. Loose fit clothes:

Before I forget to mention, they are a blessing. Here’s a cheer to stealing your boyfriends’ and brother’s tees cause they are comfy as fuck. Now the hack to go braless while taking loose clothes as the support you need would be to just wear material like cotton or silk.

Tip: While you are already dreaming of ways how you can set yourself free, you also need to be careful n the material. It’s just a tip or something that I take care of. However, the thing that matters the most is to be comfortable.

Happy freedom, babe! Also, comment down more ideas and fabrics that would help me betray the crowd and escape from weird looks and judgement. Love, love. 

How to style a velvet crop top

Do you keep wondering on how to repeat clothes without actually making it obvious to people? Yes? Oh hey, welcome to the gang, babe! I love buying clothes but hate spending too much on them and regretting later. So then, what’s the hack? Investing on clothes that you can pull off on multiple outfits. So, keeping that in mind, this time, when I went for shopping, the one piece that caught my eye, was a Velvet crop top.

What’s really exciting is having that one piece of cloth in your closet that you can carry on various occasions, like dinner dates, impromptu brunch plans, and even for your college Traditional Day. So, here are 5 ways on how you can definitely take off the velvet crop top look like a pro.

The velvet top that I’ll be styling is from Ginger. I got it during an off for INR 350/-. But, you can get yours on any online store or offline.

Here are the styling ways:

1. Denim Jacket: Bandra Hill Road (Rs. 350)

Velvet V neck sequin top with a denim jacket for reference

Wear the crop top on ripped jeans/shorts and an over-sized denim jacket on the top. Add a statement neck piece or heavy earrings to complete the look. You can get them at any street shopping store or at brands like Westside. You can go for any hairstyle, but a messy half bun works the best for me. Keep the style rough and messy and you’re all set for one of the most comfortable yet dressy looks.

2. Summer jacket: Colaba Causeway (Rs. 350)

Get a lighter color and one that has more colors. This one is just fr reference

This time when I went to Colaba Causeway, I could see long floral jackets, which looked very summer-ly and refreshing. Rather than wearing those jackets on plain camisoles, wear them on these velvet tops, take a contrasting color and pair them with a plain straight pant. Make sure you choose a jacket which has 2-3 colors to pick from, in order to style it accordingly on different pieces. Pair it with some pretty mojaris to give it an ethnic aura. You can wear this for college, outings or shopping. It’s the perfect casual summer look for something different. Plus, these summer jackets have pockets in them. Whhaaaaatt? Yes, grab yours before it goes out of style.

3. Sheer top: Westside (Rs. 599)

 Volume sheer tops are literally my go to attires when I don’t feel comfortable wearing sleeveless or short clothes. They are also the best picks for last minute plans with no time for shaving. Usually we carry these tops on bralettes or camisoles, however, wearing it on the velvet crop top with a high waist skirt and some heels makes it look different from the monotonous ways, otherwise. It’s the perfect look for clubbing and dinner dates. You can also wear it on jeans and sneakers to make it more comfortable. 

4. Shimmery Skirt: Shein (Rs. 599)

 Shimmery skirts have always been in trend, but we ignore wearing them mostly because of too much bling. Here the hack is wearing it with a subtle crop top, and wearing accessories of the same color as the shimmer, either golden or silver. You can go for colored skirts too, but I prefer golden, silver and black, cause they go better with most of the colors. With very little efforts, this outfit would make you look classy and flawless. This look is great for functions etc. This can even be your last minute pick for a cousin’s engagement as long shimmer skirts do give very much of an Indian touch to the crop top. In that case, go for aesthetic earrings/neck piece and a red lipstick. It does WONDERS!!

5. Saree: (Local store)

This is my favorite look, and is the best tried and tested one. When I got the Velvet top, I knew I would style it in different ways but most of them were Western ideas. Until my trad day, when I had nothing else to wear on a saree, and I tried this top. The saree that I wore had all bright colors, pink, red, green but this crop top turned blouse looked AMAZING on it. I wore some heavy golden jhumkis, watch, blingy mojaris, and the mandatory add-on, BINDI.

Here are some of the ways that I tried on the velvet top and totally loved. Which one’s your favorite? Also, share some experimental trials that you did with your crop tops. Would love to try them on. Love, love.

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