How to style a velvet crop top

Do you keep wondering on how to repeat clothes without actually making it obvious to people? Yes? Oh hey, welcome to the gang, babe! I love buying clothes but hate spending too much on them and regretting later. So then, what’s the hack? Investing on clothes that you can pull off on multiple outfits. So, keeping that in mind, this time, when I went for shopping, the one piece that caught my eye, was a Velvet crop top.

What’s really exciting is having that one piece of cloth in your closet that you can carry on various occasions, like dinner dates, impromptu brunch plans, and even for your college Traditional Day. So, here are 5 ways on how you can definitely take off the velvet crop top look like a pro.

The velvet top that I’ll be styling is from Ginger. I got it during an off for INR 350/-. But, you can get yours on any online store or offline.

Here are the styling ways:

1. Denim Jacket: Bandra Hill Road (Rs. 350)

Velvet V neck sequin top with a denim jacket for reference

Wear the crop top on ripped jeans/shorts and an over-sized denim jacket on the top. Add a statement neck piece or heavy earrings to complete the look. You can get them at any street shopping store or at brands like Westside. You can go for any hairstyle, but a messy half bun works the best for me. Keep the style rough and messy and you’re all set for one of the most comfortable yet dressy looks.

2. Summer jacket: Colaba Causeway (Rs. 350)

Get a lighter color and one that has more colors. This one is just fr reference

This time when I went to Colaba Causeway, I could see long floral jackets, which looked very summer-ly and refreshing. Rather than wearing those jackets on plain camisoles, wear them on these velvet tops, take a contrasting color and pair them with a plain straight pant. Make sure you choose a jacket which has 2-3 colors to pick from, in order to style it accordingly on different pieces. Pair it with some pretty mojaris to give it an ethnic aura. You can wear this for college, outings or shopping. It’s the perfect casual summer look for something different. Plus, these summer jackets have pockets in them. Whhaaaaatt? Yes, grab yours before it goes out of style.

3. Sheer top: Westside (Rs. 599)

 Volume sheer tops are literally my go to attires when I don’t feel comfortable wearing sleeveless or short clothes. They are also the best picks for last minute plans with no time for shaving. Usually we carry these tops on bralettes or camisoles, however, wearing it on the velvet crop top with a high waist skirt and some heels makes it look different from the monotonous ways, otherwise. It’s the perfect look for clubbing and dinner dates. You can also wear it on jeans and sneakers to make it more comfortable. 

4. Shimmery Skirt: Shein (Rs. 599)

 Shimmery skirts have always been in trend, but we ignore wearing them mostly because of too much bling. Here the hack is wearing it with a subtle crop top, and wearing accessories of the same color as the shimmer, either golden or silver. You can go for colored skirts too, but I prefer golden, silver and black, cause they go better with most of the colors. With very little efforts, this outfit would make you look classy and flawless. This look is great for functions etc. This can even be your last minute pick for a cousin’s engagement as long shimmer skirts do give very much of an Indian touch to the crop top. In that case, go for aesthetic earrings/neck piece and a red lipstick. It does WONDERS!!

5. Saree: (Local store)

This is my favorite look, and is the best tried and tested one. When I got the Velvet top, I knew I would style it in different ways but most of them were Western ideas. Until my trad day, when I had nothing else to wear on a saree, and I tried this top. The saree that I wore had all bright colors, pink, red, green but this crop top turned blouse looked AMAZING on it. I wore some heavy golden jhumkis, watch, blingy mojaris, and the mandatory add-on, BINDI.

Here are some of the ways that I tried on the velvet top and totally loved. Which one’s your favorite? Also, share some experimental trials that you did with your crop tops. Would love to try them on. Love, love.

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